There’s a car under your patio…

Just to add to the busyness of our lives, we decided to build an extension (rather than move) to accommodate our beautiful family more comfortably. Our builders seem very genuine and down to earth – they call me ‘flower’ which I rather like.

Nothing happened on Day One (Monday) so no need to share anything, made tea and then they went off to book in all the stores and equipment. Easy, thank goodness as I have Flu.

Day Two lovely Tom arrives to clear things away and make preparations, tea and all done in two hours…

Mmm, Day Three of our extension and more tea made…most interestingly they have taken up the first part of the old concrete and found a mini – yes, a real rusty old mini car from the 60’s. Words escape me to be honest, nothing with this project seems straightforward. It was a tough decision but I decided to laugh over crying, mainly because we’ve run out of tissues after the latest snot virus has done the rounds. Just to spice things up 3.5yr old had a 2 hour meltdown. It’s one of those days that lasts forever and we haven’t even got to swimming and then dinner… wish me luck.


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