Another fine mousse you got me into (sorry)

Middle A and I write for Complete Health Magazine each month in ‘Cooking with Kids’ – enjoy x


Getting back my Mojo…

I can’t use the word Mojo without thinking about Austin Powers… which is good actually as it makes me smile. It feels like it’s been the longest year ever, and although many of the outcomes for this Average family have been good, the hard slog to get there feels like it’s stripped away my normal levels of joy.

I’ve been evaluating lots of things in my head, but blogging just didn’t seem an important thing to be doing when the house and its contents (and it’s inhabitants) felt like they were falling apart.

BUT – that time feels as though it’s passed, and the joy is returning – and that olde cycle of life continues. So, I’m back in the saddle and ready to evaluate the life out of life… I do need to make a cup of tea first though…