I’ve gone all Julie Andrews…

For reasons I cannot fathom, earlier today I started singing ‘A Few of My Favourite Things‘ to baby A – we were looking for a favourite toy at the time which seems to have disappeared into thin air – or more likely been abandoned in the tsunami of a siblings bedroom (which by Friday means you’ve no hope of finding anything…). I decided one of my favourite things was baby A – nearly 15 months old is just such a brilliant age and I’m really loving it. Of course nearly 6 and 4 1/2 are also turning out to be pretty great ages too, and as we move towards Christmas these ages seem particularly brilliant for the festive season. All the Little Averages are excited about the joy of Christmas, and rather pleasingly it’s not just about presents. They are equally excited about giving presents, about the decorations, taking part in the school nativity and the various projects we’re taking part in to share Christmas gifts or similar with people in the community that may not have as much as us.

We’ve gone a bit bonkers this year, as it feels like a special time child age wise to really enjoy the innocence and magic, so we’ve welcomed Sparkle the Elf (renamed Buddy) into our home… he’s been quite cheeky so far, we put him to bed every night, but then have to find him each morning – once hiding behind the fish tank, then reading a book on the shelves etc. He might turn the milk green with food colouring later…

The singing might continue, it’s allowing a bit of me that I don’t always show to come out and embrace my inner Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way of course!


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