What’s in a name?

I got a bit tired of reading about what the Duke and Duchess of C will call Baby 2 – as if it’s a difficult thing? Surely for a girl there is only Peppa or Mildred, and for another boy it’s a choice between Zippy and Gilbert – depending how ‘high brow’ they want to go…

And then I remembered the incredible responsibility I felt when choosing names for our wonderful average babies, not least in finding something that Mr A and I agreed on, and then from that list checking all the possible shortenings; initials making bully fodder and rhyming nightmares… it seemed to take forever. Then you worry about being too fashionable or too odd, will they spend the rest of their days having to spell their name to everyone, does the name suit them their whole lives long, does it give them any flexibility as they become their own person… what a terrible burden to name someone.

And then, when another little bundle arrives you have to find a name that ‘goes’ with your first attempt (you could go ‘Duggar’ and just choose a letter of the alphabet?), with all the original complexities you add in how they sound together, how long it will take to write birthday cards etc. if you go for more than two then you need to start thinking by week 10! We didn’t find out the gender of our littles either – so had to plan for either/or, doubling the stress.

I’m rather liking the hippy system of letting a baby ‘choose’ their own name…


Book Review for you…

Many people probably don’t know that I’m the person who does the monthly book review for Grapevine magazine, in case you don’t get the magazine (which funnily enough I don’t!) you can read it online via Beech Publications website. Obviously the book review is the best bit, but there are other interesting articles and for local lovelies there are good contacts and a ‘whats on’ page.


My skin is singing…

This post may shock people of a sensitive nature. In five years I had three beautiful children (that’s not the shocking bit…), and I wouldn’t change that for the world – however the impact was, clearly, mighty. No one really tells you all the things you need to know about becoming a parent, and I suppose you can’t really prepare people for something so extraordinary – certainly I wasn’t warned about the amount of singing I would be expected to do.

But the biggest challenge for me has been the basics, a simple example is that I don’t get to wash everyday. I always manage a quick wet wipe, but not a full shower/hair wash/cleanse tone and moisturise affair. To get four of us up, cleaned, dressed, fed, tidied, nurtured, read to, cleaned again, noses wiped, special toy found, shoes on, coats etc etc , and out to school, nursery, work on time is jolly tricky, especially if you are  trying to remain calm and not yell.

It means that I don’t get time to shower or even brush my own hair on occasion. I have always prioritised brushing my teeth, but that’s about it.  I have early risers so the idea of setting the alarm clock for 5.30am so that I can ‘do’ my hair before they get going sounds like torture, I have even had all my hair cut off. However, this morning was a breakthrough. Smallest A is now happy to play with her older siblings for a while before I’m required to break up any fights – and so today I used a dusty face wash, toner and moisturiser – and my skin in singing. I am totally shocked by how good it feels to have taken just five minutes for myself, and how nice my face feels – bring on the lovely Christmas pamper products I have been given over the years that are waiting patiently in the loft. xx

Another family recipe set free!

Middle Little A and I share a passion for cooking and baking and it’s great fun time together… we love it so much we took up the challenge last year to find a vegan, raw, gluten free, easy-for-kids-to-do recipe each month for Complete Health Magazine.

You can read it free online – and it has lots of very interesting stuff in it (as well as our beautiful offerings) Enjoy xx