My skin is singing…

This post may shock people of a sensitive nature. In five years I had three beautiful children (that’s not the shocking bit…), and I wouldn’t change that for the world – however the impact was, clearly, mighty. No one really tells you all the things you need to know about becoming a parent, and I suppose you can’t really prepare people for something so extraordinary – certainly I wasn’t warned about the amount of singing I would be expected to do.

But the biggest challenge for me has been the basics, a simple example is that I don’t get to wash everyday. I always manage a quick wet wipe, but not a full shower/hair wash/cleanse tone and moisturise affair. To get four of us up, cleaned, dressed, fed, tidied, nurtured, read to, cleaned again, noses wiped, special toy found, shoes on, coats etc etc , and out to school, nursery, work on time is jolly tricky, especially if you are  trying to remain calm and not yell.

It means that I don’t get time to shower or even brush my own hair on occasion. I have always prioritised brushing my teeth, but that’s about it.  I have early risers so the idea of setting the alarm clock for 5.30am so that I can ‘do’ my hair before they get going sounds like torture, I have even had all my hair cut off. However, this morning was a breakthrough. Smallest A is now happy to play with her older siblings for a while before I’m required to break up any fights – and so today I used a dusty face wash, toner and moisturiser – and my skin in singing. I am totally shocked by how good it feels to have taken just five minutes for myself, and how nice my face feels – bring on the lovely Christmas pamper products I have been given over the years that are waiting patiently in the loft. xx


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