What’s in a name?

I got a bit tired of reading about what the Duke and Duchess of C will call Baby 2 – as if it’s a difficult thing? Surely for a girl there is only Peppa or Mildred, and for another boy it’s a choice between Zippy and Gilbert – depending how ‘high brow’ they want to go…

And then I remembered the incredible responsibility I felt when choosing names for our wonderful average babies, not least in finding something that Mr A and I agreed on, and then from that list checking all the possible shortenings; initials making bully fodder and rhyming nightmares… it seemed to take forever. Then you worry about being too fashionable or too odd, will they spend the rest of their days having to spell their name to everyone, does the name suit them their whole lives long, does it give them any flexibility as they become their own person… what a terrible burden to name someone.

And then, when another little bundle arrives you have to find a name that ‘goes’ with your first attempt (you could go ‘Duggar’ and just choose a letter of the alphabet?), with all the original complexities you add in how they sound together, how long it will take to write birthday cards etc. if you go for more than two then you need to start thinking by week 10! We didn’t find out the gender of our littles either – so had to plan for either/or, doubling the stress.

I’m rather liking the hippy system of letting a baby ‘choose’ their own name…


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