The Mysteries of Time Management…

I always make myself laugh when I have a period of being totally out of synch with the world around me (e.g. the last few weeks), not because I’m especially funny, but because I teach a Time Management course! The irony is not lost on me.

We had a week away, it was lovely and despite a drizzly outlook it was fun and relaxing however there was no Wifi… I was in a blackout of technology – and it was rather liberating.

Planning to take young children to a caravan for a whole week can be tricky, especially when you include special diets and poor weather so I was ‘offline’ for the week before we left, the week we were away and am just coming out from under the pile of laundry and essential-have-to-be-done-immediately tasks to get everyone back to work and school etc. I’ve rather missed my cyber life, I didn’t realise how much of link I had made with various organisations, and how ‘adult’ it can be to have head space away from the nappies and the chaos.

I’ve also realised that while sitting at my desk I can’t see the mess piling up behind me, and that perhaps is the strongest lure towards the keyboard… I’m fairly sure we could be burgled and not notice.

So, I’m back online and will be posting lots of things as soon as I get this sleepy toddler off my feet x


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