Unexpected Parenting #10

How can there not be an app for all the repeated phrases a parent needs? I could put them on a timer to just be randomly called out from a tannoy…

“please don’t jump on the sofa”

“is that safe?”

“no pushing”

“sit down to eat”

I could go on and on and on – I bore myself sometimes…


Discussion: How to organise a book shelf? — bookowly

Before I jump into this, I just wanted to give a shout-out that at last bookowly has also joined the bookstagram, so you can check out that here. The best way for book organisation for the easiest access for books has always been nagging me, especially since my second grade when our class had an excursion to a […]

via Discussion: How to organise a book shelf? — bookowly

Busy with some books…

Later today and tomorrow there will be a flurry of book reviews as I catch up on links, and the normal monthly ones- some really great reads lately…

I always need new ideas if you have read a cracker please send me the details xx