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Teen Thursday (10/20/16) — BookPeople’s Blog

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5 Books for Halloween

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We try not to over do Halloween as we not really ‘into’ it, and with smaller kids it can be quite scary and I have no idea what the message is supposed to be. We focus on having fun foods and sharing out sweets to any Trick or Treaters. We also love to carve pumpkins… Here are a few books we have particularly enjoyed.


Winnie the Witch is a sure fire hit at any time of year and to be honest, she’s a witch so you could read any of them and be on theme, this collection has four separate stories, and is good for children that are able to read on their own (we also have the picture books which are much more visual, and better for a mixed age group). The four stories are all up to the same fun standard, with a few extra ghosts.

Splat the…

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Unexpected Parenting # 16

That a gift ‘we’ve decorated the mantelpiece for you’ is one of the most genuine expressions of love you will ever receive – no alterior motives. It’s a beautiful thing even if it’s not what you wanted, it may be all they have to give, like the daisy they pick for you. Be gracious and thankful. They may not always want to please you…



Getting Out of My Own Way: Building a Writing Life By Samantha Bryant (Guest Blogger)

I’ve had it pretty easy in my writing life. Grammar and syntax come naturally to me. I had great English teachers who praised my creativity and encouraged me. My mother was a reader w…

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Unexpected Parenting #15

Trips to the toilet will no longer be ‘as and when’ but either covert operations during Paw Patrol or emergency relief when another adult enters the house…



Sneak Preview – shh



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Unexpected Parenting #14

That an eye patch in the bathroom will be completely normal. ☠💣⚔🔫