A working mum of four little children, trying to enjoy the crazy world around me while sleep deprived and quite probably covered in wee. Attempting to make good choices to keep us all happy and healthy, finding time to walk the dog and on a good day also hold a conversation with Mr Average. Actually, you’re right, I don’t have time to blog – but I think I need to get some of my thoughts out of my head, so here goes.

I can’t help myself, I’m a judgemental person so I like to speak freely on Trip Advisor, Good Reads and Amazon. I’m adding my evaluations here too, just because I can.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. melfenson says:

    You DEFINITELY have time to blog! Blogging, knitting, crafts (and drinking) kept me sane as I muddled through four kids aged 0-6. Vividly remember the year I made all my Xmas cards with children crawling over me and domestic chaos raging…but I was so happy with my handmade cards πŸ™‚ blog on! Mums need a creative outlet!

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